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What's Your Type of Skin?

Dry Skin

  • feels tight in the morning

  • may have rough or flakey patches

  • may be itchy

  • dull appearance

Oily Skin

  • feels slick tot he touch

  • has shiny appearance

  • produces oils in the t-zone and the cheek area

  • pores are enlarged

  • prone to blackheads and acne

Combination Skin

  • usually dry on the cheeks but oily in the t-zone

  • enlarged pores (usually on the nose)

  • maybe dry combination (dry on the cheeks, normal-to-oily in the t-zone) or oily-combination (oily in the t-zone, dry-to-normal on the cheeks)

Dehydrated Skin

  • skin is visibly dry and may have rough or flakey spots but produces excessive sebum

  • often mistaken for oily skin due to oil production, in turn making it worse by using drying products

  • should be treated as dry skin, despite oily appearance

Sensitive Skin

  • reacts negatively to many products, often breaking out of becoming very dry

  • may become red or hot when touched

  • may have visible blotchiness/red areas

  • may be itchy

Acne-Prone Skin

  • prone to acne

  • usually combination to oily

  • products easily cause acne flare-ups

  • can be caused by sensitivity or hormonal imbalances

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